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Prior to advertising, I spent a lot of time doing sculpture, ceramics, and photography. Below is a collection of works entitled, Elegies.  

The series is a complicated exploration of memory, life, and loss. 

Departure (2019)

Developed as my final piece of artwork in my college career, Departure is an  exploration of memory. Structured around my cumulative college experience, the piece attempts to target how we memorialize and often forget events as well as people once we are removed from them.

Composed of my feet cast in plaster dragged through 160lbs or my weight in sand, Departure is part narrative, organic figure, and relic. Utilizing minimalist and earthwork aesthetics, the piece’s final execution is at its core an allegory for the erosion of memories.

Monolith (2019)

Built of plaster slabs and a concrete vessel, Monolith is a refabrication of how we memorialize those who have passed. 

Part installation and part performance, the piece documented slabs as they were placed within the vessel for a set duration of time in correspondance to the length of one’s life. In total, five slabs were dyed over the course of a week, memorializing five individuals. 

Exhumed (2020)

Made from the remains of Monolith (2019) carved out of plaster, Exhumed attempts to address the dilemmas of laying claim to collective memories, ideas, and experiences. 

Treated as an artifact, Exhumed satirizies the claims of “discovery” or rediscovery. A process commonly found throughout scientific and historical traditions. 

Immortelle (2019)

Composed of yellow wildflowers bound and frozen into a block of ice, Immortelle is an offering for a personal loss.

Constructed as an allegory for the veneration of the deceased, the work is temporary and meant to fade in time. Much like the erosion of memories, the more time passes the more the work and the offering disappears. 

Tollfree (2018)

One of the first pieces of the series, Tollfree is a metaphor for the communication and messages we all have endured in times of loss.

Composed of a found telephone filled with concrete, the work hangs from a landline far above.

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