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Food is culture, that’s why we made the first and only Calderan restaurant to showcase all that the fictional island of Caldera has to offer.


It’s important for Warzone players to also be made aware of the ghost kitchen, that’s why we are going to use in-game placements and message boards.

Caldera Kitchen will be accessible on all major food delivery apps and serve an array of cuisine from wings and burgers to spam fried rice and poke.

Packaging inspired by the items and weapons found in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone Players will be given the oppurtunity to earn their next meal in game by finding top secret contracts filled with promo codes.

Each delivery will include codes for unique Warzone skins and weapon blueprints in the item store.

Made with Edo Ohayon, Corey Hambly, and Stephon Jacob.

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